Friday, July 3, 2009 is down!

Bad news for a TON of online retailers out there -- payment gateway service is DOWN. No transactions are being processed, and their own web site will not even load.

Worse yet, any site displaying their badge will load incredibly slow.

Hundreds of thousands of web site must be affected by this, yet it has received ZERO coverage by the mainstream press.

Spread the word!

Updated: 10:45am EST - Conflicting reports on Twitter and Digg regarding what is happening.
  • Some are saying that a power outage at a Data Center in Seattle is the cause of the problems.
  • Others are saying it's an Earthquake in Utah that has cause a fire in a Data Center.
  • Finally, there's word of a flood at a Data Center in Dallas.
By all accounts the outage is closing in on 8 hours now. Bad news for many retailers...