Tuesday, September 23, 2008

President Clinton on David Letterman

Did anyone else see President Clinton on Letterman last night (9/22/2008)? I recorded it and just watched it during lunch.


I thought the interview was excellent, and it reinforces my believe that Letterman is a much more shrewd host than he gets credit for (or makes out to be).

Americans are getting nervous. The economy is in shambles. We're hearing alarms about "peak oil", and energy crisis. There are record home foreclosures. Natural disasters in the South. We're mired in Vietnam Part 2 in Iraq. Things look bleak.

Rather than another night of zany stupid pet tricks, Letterman instead books President Bill Clinton and asks him about what has happened, and what can be done to fix it. No off-the-wall antics or sill questions (well, maybe one), just a quiet studio and three full segments for Clinton to answer the few, pointed questions Dave asks. I thought it was a brilliant move. Clinton is knowledgeable, relevant, engaging, and in some ways, polarizing. A perfect guest for a meaty subject in a venue that usually trends toward the absurd.

Great stuff. If you didn't see it, you may be able to watch it at Letterman's Web Site. I don't know if the entire interview is there, but I would hope so.

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